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    Being a Super Mom

    Oh the pressures that come with the title and new role of being a ‘Mother’- I didn’t realize that when I signed up to raise children that I also somehow signed up for being an:

    • Organic Sous Chef, cause the family has to eat only the best organic, gluten free, sometimes vegan, sometimes raw food.
    • Montessori Educator, I have to keep my kid happy and entertained 24/7, limit screen time, and set up creatively stimulating play areas.
    • Royal Scullery Maid, the house has to stay spotless, laundry’s got to get folded, toys have to be picked up the house can’t look out of place.
    • Interior Designer *(see pretty much any Mom’s Instagram account) I feel like my house is supposed to look like Joanna Gaines just did an overhaul. {P.S. does anyone look at other moms who own anything white/cream and go… HOW?! Did you saran wrap your kids?}
    • Fitness Badass, cause after you have a baby you’re supposed to be able to squat your husband while breastfeeding your newborn.
    • Runway Model, with an “I just woke up like this” look, maybe it’s Maybelline? Maybe it’s also caffeine.

    That was probably the most sarcastic heavy paragraph I’ve ever written. The pressures we experience as Moms are pretty intense, especially because we’re the ones punishing ourselves if we don’t live up to them. Which we don’t because if I even did one of those roles 100% I’d probably implode. I think striving to be a good Mom means using people and resources around you to help you out. My main struggles lately have been housework and cooking. It’s impossible to keep a toddler entertained, fed, and safe while prepping for dinner and keeping your house tidy. I was connected with a meal kit delivery service by a friend (thanks Sarah!) and I am not going to lie, I was so giddy at the opportunity to experience already prepped meals.

    I had been wanting to try the meal kit delivery service before, but didn’t know where to start in terms of pricing, recipes, quality of food etc (another thing to add to the Google to research list before bed). I was so impressed with FUUD. The packaging was super cute, organized, and the meat was still very cold. The ingredients were high quality and the meals were so flavourful. Seriously, the five spice chicken was legendary. I am hooked. I am definitely going to be having meals prepped and sent to me at least a couple times a week. This simple addition to my week saved me so much stress at dinner time (which is when Kara gets a bit angsty, like a 15 year old who gets woken up before 10 am).

    I’d say FUUD is middle of the road in cost- but from what I can tell on par or better in quality of food and packaging, than other boxes that cost more. They’ve actually given me a discount code for you to use! It is a subscription service, but I’d have a tough time seeing anyone quit this life saving box. If you head to their website here you can enter the code “emily” and receive your first box free!

    I want to leave you with a final positive thought… I’ve been doing a Bible study on Proverbs with a best friend of mine, and it’s been helping me to understand my expectations as a Mom and just how unrealistic they are. I am so far from perfect, yet I demand perfection from myself constantly. I am only made perfect through Jesus Christ. It seems like a simple thought, but it puts me at ease knowing I don’t actually have to be this perfect- to everyone and for everyone all the time. I hope that thought resonates with you this week, I hope that you realize it’s great to strive to be a good Mom- but you are far from being perfect on your own.




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